Learn Burmese Better. Take Burmese Classes and Courses With Myanmar Teachers in Yangon at a Dedicated Myanmar Language Centre.

Learn Myanmar (Burmese)

Master Myanmar majestically with Moe’s Burmese language lessons in Yangon.

Take advantage of the opportunity for dedicated and professional Myanmar (also known as Burmese) language courses in Yangon suits your needs, whether you’re a first-timer who needs the survival essentials or a long-term expatriate who seeks to learn Burmese in order to be fluent.

You can take advantage of the facilities and Myanmar language courses at her dedicated Burmese language centre in Yangon.

Sayama Moe – Burmese Language Teacher in Yangon, Myanmar

Sayama (Burmese for ‘teacher’) Moe is friendly yet professional and has excellent feedback from foreign students who benefit from her teaching and learn Burmese quickly.

Sayama Moe’s Myanmar curriculum is both structured yet flexible to ensure that you can have Burmese lessons in Myanmar which enable you to learn how to speak, read and write the Burmese language quickly yet accurately. Her excellent level of English ensures that concepts are explained to you properly and comprehensively, and that you can ask any questions and receive clear answers.

Using different resources such as those by well-known teachers John Okell and Gene Mesher, Moe also creates her own material depending on the student’s needs. Some want to focus only on spoken Burmese while others want to learn the script as well.

How To Learn Burmese

There are many Myanmar teachers and each uses different techniques. But Sayama Moe has been mentored and trained by world-class Burmese language teachers and has incorporated this into her teaching style and materials. She listens carefully to student feedback and acts to ensure lessons are created and delivered that allow people to learn Burmese quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

Sayama Moe uses phonetics to teach Burmese for Beginner students who only want to learn how to speak Burmese and focuses on grammar, which many students identify as being crucial in their ability to learn Burmese properly. Drills and oral tests to make sure that the students understand what has been taught so far. As she warns students: “I am strict when it comes to pronunciation; any lapses in this area can lead to you being misunderstood, wasting your time and money.”

In addition, Sayama Moe uses Burmese songs to help reinforce learning and recall – music is a good way to learn a new language in a fun and relaxing way. Sayama Moe also provides each student with a special audio recording after a lesson so that students have personalised audio to listen to and practice, which focuses only on discrete lesson content. Personalised audi keeps the process of learning Burmese going after the formal lesson has ended and helps transform the new into the familiar.

Structure of Burmese Language Beginner or ‘Survival’ Classes

Learn the Myanmar phrases, vocab and grammar that you need to get around Myanmar, fast. Most people start with these packages to build their confidence and ability, then progress to learn post-beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with me.

Moe Myanmar Language Center has 7 levels- Beginner, Post-Beginner, High-post Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate & Advanced.

The Beginner Spoken course will cover topics on:

  • Introduction on pronunciation and romanisation
  • Numbers & Money
  • Greetings & introductions
  • Food & restaurant
  • Taxi & Directions
  • Family & Addressing people
  • Time & Days
  • Shopping & Bargaining
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Work & Emergency Words

Beginner Spoken Course is designed for 20 hour course, and students will get audio file to practise along with the handout. After the beginner course, students can choose to stop or can continue to the next level.

Each class will be started with doing drills, and oral practices and reviews on previous lessons. I use pre and custom-written materials and use audio and video to enhance the learning experience.

Students will get verbs and nouns of around 300 words in total, plus understand the commonly used grammar and structures of Burmese language. After the Beginner course, students will be able to take taxi, shop, and order food in restaurant, etc. and will be fluent in basic survival phrases.

If you want post-beginner, intermediate, advanced or intensive courses please contact me with your requirements so I can put together a personalised curriculum for you. More details on structured curriculums coming soon.

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