Learn Burmese Better. Take Burmese Classes and Courses With Myanmar Teachers in Yangon at a Dedicated Myanmar Language Centre.

Happy People


A gentle teacher and patient teacher makes the learning more meaningful. Thanks “Sayama” Thandar for laughing with me and make Burmese learning a good fun! I wish to study more so I can love this beautiful language more and more. Thank you.


I would like to thanks from my bottom of heart. I never thought within 10 classes I can speak Burmese Language. This is my third year in Myanmar going to complete in January 2017, but unbelievable in third year within 10 days I learn Burmese whole credit going to you.

I think its great achievement in my life speaking Burmese.

Wishing you Marry Christmas & Happy new year. Thank you very much.

Snjay- Yoga Teacher

Enthusiastic, energetic, focused efforts even for slow learners. Review of lessons provided before proceeding to new lessons. Speed of teaching tailored to students, hence fast learners able to achieve much more in 20 hours. Audio provided for learning Burmese script, both reading and writing.

Lee Chee Hoong-Civil Servant, MFA

In a rather short amount of time, I feel I have learnt the basics of Myanmar Language. This should be a solid platform to progress from and the first 20 hours make me feel confident I can make further advancements towards learning the language. Highly recommend Moe’s language school and in particular teacher Thandar who has been the driving force behind the lessons.

Teun – Consultant, Yoma Bank

I really enjoyed the classes and never expected to learn so much in such a short time. Thanks for that!


Laurien – Student/ Intern, Share Mercy

Moe’s Language school enabled me to learn Burmese basics in a supportive atmosphere, at a good pace and with an emphasis and every day interactions that give me confidence to test out my Burmese on a daily basis in cafes, restaurants and with taxi drivers.

ILona – Lawyer/ Public Health

I enjoyed the learning experience at MMLC! Course structure is good; the teachers are very patient and comfortable learning environment. I recommended MMLC.

Harsha – Housewife

Moe Myanmar Language Centre has engaging teachers who explains and teaches in an easy method. The environment is conductive for learning. I will recommend the school to my friends who wish to learn Burmese in Yangon. Thank you for the good time and all the best to every teacher in Moe Myanmar Language Centre.

Kiap How-Administrative, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore

About the course, I like the most that two teachers are present which help to get used to the variation of pronunciations. In addition, the review with the help of flash cards and quizzes of the beginning of each class makes sure that the learned content is consolidated into the memory.

Kathleen – Consultant, Development Economics

Every lesson, we take quiz. That is efficient. And also, homework helps to understand smoothly.



I really love the way the two hours are organized and structured: revision with the cards, quiz and comprehension (audio). I like when classes are well structures and always the same way session by session!

Learning Myanmar Language with Ladia at “Moe Myanmar Language Centre” is like playing a game. You have rules to follow such as working hard, you have fun and the most important, you learn quickly, thanks to passionate, rigorous and lovely professors! I highly recommend “Moe Myanmar Language Centre” to enhance your Myanmar language skills.

Also I really like the fact that the classes are not theorical and that we learn grammar through everyday life vocabulary and situations. I like the flexibility of the centre, too.

Thank you Ladia for your patience and kindness.



Well structured notes- Excellent pace of work. Great tests everyday to ensure I do homework. Super teacher and very patient!

Moe Myanmar’s Language Centre offers excellent short language courses. I have learned so many useful phrases and words in a short space of time. I would definitely recommend this school.

Evelyn – Freelance Editor, Four Red Hats Limited

It was so helpful that the instructors spoke excellent English. This helped the learning process greatly. Also, good structure and flow of the classes was helpful to learn things I could practice outside the classroom immediately.
A truly wonderful intensive language course in Yangon! The lessons are both fun and useful while being provided in an engaging atmosphere. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an introduction to Burmese Language!

Carrie – Anthropologist, Southern Methodist University

Everything is very well-organized and effectively planned. The lessons are consistent and practical. The exercises are useful and help us learn how to really use the language.
MMLC is a fantastic resource for anyone hoping to learn Burmese quickly and effectively. Everything about the course is oriented environment. Fantastic teachers with a wonderful teaching team. They give each student individualized attention to maximize the learning experience. I will definitely return!

Mollie – Student, Samarya Center

The learners were organized with a strong focus on oral language and pronunciation. I feel we learnt a lot and now I can have a basic conversation with many people.

Baptiste – Consultant, Self employed

I greatly appreciate the small group and of grammatical obsession, like other language classes I have taken. What you learn is instantly applicable outside in Yangon, which is fantastic.

Nickolas – Consultant, TGCC-USAID, TT-ARD

Every class has small exam so that we can review previous lesson.
Here is a nice place to start Myanmar Language even from zero! By using interesting example, you can learn Myanmar Language effectively.

Maho – Staff (Office Worker), Acroquest Myanmar Branch

I learnt a lot from this course, even if it’s just for ten days (in my case 9!). The content is simple and practical, and the pace is just right. The teachers are also very helpful and friendly.

I enjoyed and learnt a lot and greatly appreciate the patience of Moe and her colleagues. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to have a solid start in learning Burmese.

Donna – PR Consultant, RICE communications

Friendly atmosphere – relaxed, but also a good place to learn and study.

Organized – good team.

Teachers create a wonderful atmosphere to learn and study Burmese! It’s for sure one of the best language classes I’ve ever attended! The daily revisions help you to understand and remember the logic of the Burmese language and the small study groups make sure everyone has a chance to practise! Keep up with your work! It’s wonderful – Thank you!

Annapia – Student, METTA (Internship)

The fun environment and dare I say it; actually the tests as they forced me to learn.

Freya – Public Servant, Australian Department of Foreign Affair

The review at the beginning of the class and interactive parts.

I learnt a lot in this class. Thank you teacher Moe.


I liked the small class environment and the mix of lecture practice, homework, tests and the quiz everyday (a good practice what you learnt so far).

A perfect way to get started learning Burmese.


Teachers are very friendly, helpful and patient. Class has a fun atmosphere that makes learning enjoyable.

The beginner spoken course gave me a great start in learning Burmese. Along with useful phrases, the classes provide a good understanding of grammatical structures. I highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn Burmese.

Sean – Copy Editor, Kyodo News

Personal attention to every student for better learning. Structured learning material. I did not believe that I would be able to speak Burmese language making some complete sentences. 5 out of 5!! Highly recommended if anyone wants to learn Burmese language for survival.

Ziaunnur – Private Service, SAIL

It was a friendly environment, not too much people. And the learning was based on grammatical which helped a lot.

After spending 1.5 years in Myanmar, Moe Myanmar helped me master the first sentence that is grammatically correct. Focused on grammar which was very helpful to build basic to learn the language. My recommendation is to anyone who wants to learn the basics and best wishes.

Ziko – Private Service, Pahtama Group Ltd.

You are all very friendly and helpful. And I think it’s cool to be taught by a Dentist. And I like the structure of lessons etc.

Moe Myanmar team were great from when I first visited to check out her school. The lessons are well structured and the staff always helpful!

Vincent – Businessman, CSM Ltd

Excellent teachers and course pace. I was always almost overwhelmed but not quite.

I was amazed that after only two weeks. I could have fun and functional conversations in Burmese with Burmese strangers on the street. Burmese looks daunting but with some practice you can have much richer interaction with wonderful people here.

Jack – Writer

It was very helpful that you didn’t teach too much in one class because I have been able to retain most of what you taught. The structure was also very good, that it was the same each class and between studying, and the two quizzes, I was able to remember most of what you taught.

Classes have a very effective strategy. Teachers do not teach more than the students can handle and uses different strategies to ensure the students retain nearly all of what is taught.

Kimberly – UN worker, International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Very good teachers who make learning a new language enjoyable.

Small classes, pleasant introduction and good sayamḁ made this class enjoyable.

Mark – Journalist, The Trade Times

Good pace of introducing new material. Nice daily rhythm of review of old material. Introduce new material each class. Good audio material.

It was a good introduction for complete beginners like me. Now I need to get out there and practice.

Thanks Moe Myanmar Language Centre.

Malcolm – Red Cross

The size of the class is good. I like the amount of teachers.

Moe Myanmar is a great place to learn the language and meet new people!

Soren – Building Markets

The flexibility is the quantity of new words, phrases, sentence conversation etc. It was gauged to the ability of the class and therefore facilitated not feeling overwhelmed.

I found the tutors to the very helpful and not bullying at all. This was a change from some courses I have experienced before.

“Thank you for a good learning experiences.”

Dave – Consultant, TEF

It was interesting and fun to learn. Teachers were very helpful and nice. I learned a lot of useful information.

This was a very interesting and fun course that allowed me to learn some very useful phrases.



Stephanie – English Teacher, Currently private tuition

  • clear explanations
  • consistent review and practice.

An easy, fast and fun way of learning the basics. Looking forward for the next levels.

jei: zu: pa!

Mariana – Unicef

  • There is always Test & Quiz in every class.

So, I can remember some words.

“You can enjoy studying Burmese Language”

Thank you all.


Small classes, lots of teachers & lots of practice in speaking. The audio recording was very useful too.

I had so much fun learning Burmese with Moe & her team. I learned lots of words, phrases & grammar very quickly & was able to start using what I’d learnt almost immediately. Now my course has ended, I can’t wait to take another course & learn even more!


Verity – Surveyor

  • Small groups mean lots of opportunity for practice and questions.
  • Very clear, professional teaching.

It is very clear, professional and useful – an easy, fun and great way to learn the essentially of Burmese. Moe and her team are great teachers and will put you through your paces! I have recommended them to others who are much more advanced than me.

Nicholas – Consultant, Montrose

Structure is clear and review is good for reinforcing what was learned.

Teacher is excellent and very good at understanding students’ questions.

The course was well structured and the learning objectives were clear. I will come back and take the next course! The teaching was enjoyable also.

Beth – Conflict Advisor, World Bank

I like the free conversation and Grammar exercise, Story writing, and explanation of the single meaning.

Christine – Graphic Designer

The course structure is very good and the teachers are very supportive. Most of all, it was always fun! It’s a very professional set-up.

The pace of learning is fast but very rewarding. It’s incredible to look back and realize how much you’ve learned in only 2 weeks. Great teachers! 10/10

Helen – English teacher

The course structure is very good and easy to remember. The class is always fun. It is a perfect course! Thank you very much. jei: zu: pa



Moe’s is an excellent school which has helped me to communicate in Burmese in a very short time. I like listening practice session and studying words with vocabulary flashcards during the class. Thank you!


The parts that I like most about the course and centre are teachers and materials.I was allowed to come in early and ask questions.
Moe’s language centre’s Beginner Spoken Course is very challenging, but also very rewarding. The Materials are very useful and I feel confident using basics of Burmese.

Morgan – Consultant, Mote Oo

  • Teachers are very considerate
  • Good approach to learning and teaching
  • Structure and flexibility in classes was good
  • Excellent balance of oral, written tests…


This is the best language class in Myanmar.
A yan: maiq’ de.



Clancy – NGO worker, OXFAM

I think the vocabulary is introduced at a reasonable pace – not overwhelming but not too easy – and I like the exercises that require a lot of repetition.
The Moe Myanmar Language Course for beginners is structured to reinforce what you learn as you move forward. By the end of one or two weeks you can begin to practice basic language skills in everyday interactions.



Friendly teacher, good location, good material, and high expectations. I’ve gotten way better at ordering beer and arguing with taxi drivers. Thanks, Moe!


Jeremy – Editor, Myanmar Consolidated Media

Well prepared classes, dedicated teachers, Small number of students is ideal, Lovely atmosphere with fellow students, great studying partners.

Don’t hesitate, do enroll and enjoy, this fun and useful class!


Dominique – Translator, Freelance

It is such a friendly, kind and organized class.

This course is beginner course but it’s really useful and text is organized that I can use every phrase in everyday life. I’d like to continue the next course if available.


Rena – Housewife

The parts that I like most about the course and centre are course content, friendly teachers, very professional. It make me want to continue learning.

A very enjoyable learning time over the last two weeks. The lovely teachers are pleasant and easy to understand. A very good start to learning Burmese. This course has made me want to continue learning and it has provided me with some every day useful language, thank you Moe and girls.

Lynn – Trust Officer Admin

The audio makes it easy to get used to the language. I like that the course is divided into useful sections depending on what activity you do.

Camilla – Student

The teacher and course assistants are really patient. Course materials are easy to understand.

Chen – Director, Ammon Consulting

I had a great time learning Burmese with Moe. It’s good to have quizzes every day. Learning vocabularies with flashcards during the class is helpful to remember the words with image. Thank you very much and hopefully see you in the next course.

Alicia – Engineer

The beginner intensive course is a fun way to learn the basics fast! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to have a solid Myanmar Language base.

Amanda – Red cross, IFRC

The Burmese course is exciting, I’ve been able to learn many useful words and sentences. It helped me a lot in daily life such as bargain go by taxi, etc. If I have time in future, I’ll join Burmese writing course.

Khuong – IT Engineer, Myanmar Mobile Money

I really enjoyed the class. It was like setting the structure or framework to put together a big puzzle, and then the pieces started to fit together. So it was fun and great learning!

Ana – Evaluator, Asia Foundation

Dr. Moe Chit and her assistants are the best Burmese teachers. I use everything we learn in my daily life in Yangon and it is so helpful. Not only does it help me communicate, but Myanmar people really appreciate it. Attending class at Moe Myanmar Language center has been one of the highlights of my time in Yangon. Dr. Moe Chit and her assistants are amazing teachers, and the class is fun. Next time I come to Myanmar I will definitely sign up for another course!

Phoebe – Student, UCLA

Welcoming and relaxed environment! Good amount of material to learn each day. The phonetic writing system is good and easy to learn. Good combination of writing, listening and speaking. Tests and exercises cover material.

Liam – Teacher, PCP, Lumbini Academy

Moe Myanmar teachers are friendly and materials are with well prepared exercises. Great team! Looking forward to continue!


The Moe Myanmar team are challenging and forgiving- the perfect patient combination for nervous learners. It’s amazing how much progress happens in just three weeks. Wish I’d started months ago.

Wade – Editor, Myanmar Times

Team members are great and the location is accessible.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and do recommend it.

Francesca – Senior Advisor, Noitransform

I was surprised about the amount of Burmese I was able to talk after just 10 days. After day one I was already giving directions to the taxi driver, that’s something I was never able to do before when studying other languages.

Moe is a fantastic smiley and patient teacher, perfect for any student!


The best way to learn Burmese in short time! I’m very new here but after finish this class I can communicate with local people. They teach us very efficiently. It helps me a lot.


Moe Myanmar Classes were a great introduction to both the language and the culture. After just two weeks of engaging and enjoyable classes, I find myself speaking to locals about basics with ease and even understanding some of the conversations around me. A fun and fast “Survival” course!

Sara – Student

Dr. Moe Chit is a kind hearted, professional, organized, systematic, practical, engaging and effective language teacher. I made significant progress under her guidance and recommend her wholeheartedly to any serious student.


Richard – Visiting Professor, Robinson Business School, Victoria University

I also finished the intensive two week course. Enjoyed it and learned a lot. Especially liked the group size, the professional (and neat) approach, and the teaching skills of Moe Chit.

Hans – Media Consultant,Mizzima

Having just finished the course, I can highly recommend it! Great teacher with easy to learn approach and a good sense of humor. Small classes make for fast learning! Very highly recommended!

Caroline – Lawyer, UN

If you’re thinking of trying to learn the language, I am also on Moe’s Beginner’s Course and would wholeheartedly agree with everything said here. I barely knew how to pronounce ‘mingalaba’ properly 10 days ago, and now I really feel like I’m on the way to learning my first foreign language. It really is an excellent course and Moe is fantastic.


I am currently attending Moe’s Beginners course. She is a methodical teacher and doesnt leave anyone behind. Her material is practical for your everyday use. I highly recommend her course, Moe is a fabulous teacher and a lovely, patient lady.



Penelope – Hamilton Yangon

I would like to highly recommend Ma Moe for private tutoring. Not only does she speak perfect English and can therefore explain the structures of Burmese language which are very different from English or any other Latin language but she also provides truly customised lessons and adapts to the level of proficiency of the student. I find that I have made enourmous progress thanks to her.

Simone – Interpreter

I’ve been learning the Burmese language from Sayama Moe Chit for several months now. She was my second teacher and I didn’t need and wouldn’t look anywhere else for somebody to train with me the language.

Her superb English means that I can quickly understand and check my understanding with her as I progress, whilst the teaching methodology has helped me learn, retain and speak and write the language quickly and properly.

Her system of phonetics ensures accuracy and clarity so that I can be understood when speaking outside the classroom.

Sayama Moe’s materials – particularly her use of songs – make learning fun and easy to remember. It makes me closer to the Myanmar as well who love when I sing Zaw Paing’s or Rzarni’s songs 🙂 Her teaching is both practical and applicable, for the spoken and written. After taking lessons from Sayama Moe, I traveled around Myanmar and was able to understand a great deal and communicate confidently thanks to her. My Myanmar attempt let me pay as well as local’s do – when people heard I was able to speak their language, they become more open to make a price better 🙂

Sayama is a wonderfully sociable and friendly person but a strict and methodical teacher. Highly recommended!

Dagmara, ex PR and marketing manager in an international executive recruitment company

Dr. Moe is a consummate language professional.

She combines proven materials, a disciplined yet enjoyable learning process and regular follow-ups and homework. Her systematic approach uses good phonetics that allow me to learn, pronounce and deploy what I learn straight away. I can measure my progress and have noticeably improved my spoken Burmese in a short time.

Dr. Moe is switched on and understands and meets personal and business learning goals based on student requirements. She’s able to focus her considerable and high-quality syllabus on meeting these requirements and happily devises new materials where required. 😀

Travis – Director of Business Development, Scipio Services

I contacted Dr. Moe Chit for lessons after a brief period of self-study because I wanted a teacher to help structure my learning and push me to learn, improve, and practice. Dr. Moe assessed my needs as a learner and tailored her lessons appropriately.

With Dr. Moe’s careful guidance, my written and spoken Burmese have improved dramatically. I can now read and write in Myanmar text and comprehend basic reading materials. While Dr. Moe brings a wealth of knowledge and materials, she is also very attentive to my personal learning needs- she explains lessons in ways I can understand.

Dr. Moe is professional, punctual, and organized, but also fun! She excels at balancing hard work with engaging learning materials.

I  gladly give Dr. Moe an unreserved recommendation for any student, whether looking to learn ‘survival’ language skills or seeking fluency. Dr. Moe should be your first choice for learning.

Jesse – Circulation and Distribution Director, Myanmar Times

“Moe consistently provides fast delivery of translation work to a high standard. She goes the extra mile and is responsive and communicative. She clearly understands the nature and context of jobs, translating the meaning, not just the words.”

Hai Lam – Viet Nam Localization Technology