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About the course levels

Beginner Spoken Course (Level-1A)

Level -1A is intended for those who have no background knowledge in Burmese language but wish to learn survival phrases.

This course covers topics such as Greeting, Meeting People, Food, Taxi and Direction, Addressing people and Family, Time and Day, Shopping, Travel & Accommodations and Work and Emergency words. After this 20-hour course students are expected to speak survival phrases used in everyday speech and use about 150 words. Moreover, this course focuses on speaking and listening skills only.

Post-beginner Spoken Course (Level – 1B)

Level – 1B  (Post-beginner Spoken Course) is suitable for those who would like to take a next step in speaking skill after Level -1A. This course also focuses on speaking and listening skills only. It covers topics such as Introducing one’s friend, What do you do in your free time?, Take a message, Talking about weather, At a bank, At money changer, At birthday party, Asking Direction, Shopping and Giving instruction. Course structure is with a situational dialogue using suitable grammatical structure. So, students will be asked to do role plays in classes and use structures in everyday situations. They will get to know about 40 structures and about 100 new words.

Level-2 (Reading and Writing Course)

This course only focuses on reading and writing skills. Students will learn to read and write Burmese scripts. After 10 days, students are expected to read street signs, restaurants’ names and write their own address in Burmese scripts. Although it is quite challenging, it is worth learning as it could be a step to learn more advance Burmese.

Level -3 High Post Beginner Course

Level – 3 is intended for those who have already finished our level-2 basic reading and writing course. As everything in the course book, including explanations, are in Burmese scripts, students will be trained their reading skills together with speaking skill.

After this course, students will be able to know grammatical structures such as asking what and where the things are, asking what one’s interests and abilities are, asking for permission, requesting and asking a favor, giving reasons, and talking about daily activities. There will be a lot more vocabularies approximately about 100 new words. In short, this course has a good balance in all four skills.

Level -4 Lower-Intermediate

Level – 4 is for those who can speak, read and write well after Level -3. So, all the explanations are in Burmese scripts. As they can understand most of the speaking, some of the classroom instructions will be in Burmese.

This course covers topics such as greetings, Food, Taxi and Direction, Renting apartment, Exchange, At the cinema, Would you like to Join us?, Buying Ticket, Adverb of Frequency and Dinner at a friend’s house. There will be listening and speaking session on topics every day. Besides, dialogues and complex structures are included and so students will be able to have more natural conversations in real life. There are about 30 new structures and about 120 new words.

Level – 5 Intermediate

Level – 5 focuses on Speaking and Reading skill. As students can read and write well, all the classroom explanation will be in Burmese scripts.

Course material includes situational comics in accord with the lessons, role plays, short reading passages, and also a Burmese song. Some examples of topics are describing things and people, moods, filling out Form, Measurements, etc. There are about 50 new structures and 120 new words in this course.

Level – 6 Upper-Intermediate

In Level – 6, students will learn not only language but also culture of Myanmar people. There is a reading passage in every lesson and structures in accordance with the passage. Some of the examples of reading passages are: Thingyan, Union of Myanmar, Mandalay, A letter to a friend and a folktale etc.

In this course, students will learn some of compound sentences (about 70) some of which can be seen in written style. So, their understanding skill will improve as they have conversation with local people and speaking will come naturally since they can make longer sentences. After this course students will know more about Burmese language as well as Burmese culture.

Level – 7

Level -7 is for those who are proficient in speaking Burmese and wish to learn to read newspapers and articles. Students will get to learn more about literary styles which is different from spoken style. Students will be able to converse well with locals as they are rich in vocabularies. Moreover, students will be asked to translate short articles and discuss about that in classroom every day.