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January 24, 2015

Language Centre, Myanmar Language

Reserve your place for our language exchange club on 25 January 2015 at 4pm!

MMLEC is a place for foreigners who want to practise their Burmese Speaking and for local who want to practise their English Speaking. Moe Myanmar Language Centre will host a language exchange club where Burmese and English Speakers can join for free.

Our Myanmar Language Exchange Club in Yangon is a great place to practise your Burmese and English skills. Make friends with native speakers and progress your language learning experience and in return help them out with their second-language study. A win-win!

Limited seats and thus reservations is required. Please reserve your seat by sending email or call us. Make Burmese friends, make foreigners friends, improve your language skills, and most importantly have fun!!!! Remember this is not a class!!!!

September 13, 2014

Language Centre, Myanmar Language

Learning the Burmese language is becoming increasingly popular among overseas visitors to Myanmar; whether expatriates or tourists. MITV recently interviewed Saya Ma and filmed students of the 8th Intensive Beginners’ Course batch as they studied. Find out why an increasing number of foreigners want Burmese lessons in Yangon, hear the students’ reasons and benefits for learning Myanmar, and Saya Ma Moe’s observations on how Burmese people react when visitors speak to them in Burmese.

Learning Myanmar: Classes for Foreigners

If you want to learn Burmese, check out our available Burmese language courses at Moe Myanmar Language Centre in Yangon and reserve your place today!

We are happy to congratulate the successful graduates of the inaugural intensive spoken Burmese class with MMLC in Yangon.

Over 10 days, four students worked hard but had fun developing their spoken Burmese skills and gaining confidence speaking Burmese in everyday situations.

I attended Moe’s Beginners course. She is a methodical teacher and doesnt leave anyone behind. Her material is practical for your everyday use. I highly recommend her course, Moe is a fabulous teacher and a lovely, patient lady.

– Penelope Hamilton

Dr. Moe Chit and her staffs are delighted to help expats and tourists alike learn Burmese. Whatever your language level or learning needs, Burmese spoken and written classes are available to suit even the busiest of schedules.

If you’re thinking of trying to learn the language, I was also on Moe’s Beginner’s Course and would wholeheartedly agree with everything Penelope said. I barely knew how to pronounce ‘mingalaba’ properly 10 days ago, and now I really feel like I’m on the way to learning my first foreign language. It really is an excellent course and Moe is fantastic.

– Phil Poirier

We wish our students well and hope they continue to practice and improve their Burmese language skills!


“The Best Way to Learn Burmese” – Choose MMLC for:

  • Effective and fun learning materials

  • Experienced and adaptive teachers

  • Our conveniently-located and fully equipped learning centre

Master Burmese, Faster

Learn More About Burmese Lessons in Yangon or Reserve Your Place Today

We would like to announce that our June Intensive Course starting on 16th June is fully booked.

For those unable to secure a place, we are pleased to announce that there will be another intensive Myanmar language course for Complete Beginners for 10 week days starting from June 30th.

For those who would like to take a weekly Myanmar language course, our Wednesday evening course, starting on 4th June, still has places available for 3 more students. Don’t miss your chance and sign up now!

If you prefer to learn at a semi-regular pace, you can join our Bi-weekly course for Complete Beginners, starting 17th June 2014.

Find out more and reserve your place – call 09-4316 8422 or visit our Myanmar Language courses page for more details.


On 25 May 2014, Moe Myanmar Language Centre enjoyed its grand opening. With teachers (including Saya Gyi John Okell), students past and present and friends and family coming to celebrate, it was a wonderful occasion.

Lessons begin next week, with the intensive course fully booked in just a few days. Watch this space for more dates and classes!

To enquire about classes and request more information, contact Moe Myanmar Language Centre using the form on the right.


Today I uploaded a new free online Burmese lesson I have created in Powerpoint.

It’s interactive and you can run it on any computer that supports Powerpoint.

You can learn the basic script and spoken words for common phrases, directions and numbers. This will be really helpful ‘survival Burmese’ for you when you go to Myanmar. The numbers are very important to be able to both read and speak; this will help you when shopping in Myanmar and negotiating prices for taxis and so on. The directions will help you get to where you want to go in Myanmar and the common phrases will make the Myanmar people you interact with very happy that you are making the effort to try and speak in their language!

Give it a try and please let me know what you think. If you want more information about lessons, please contact me using the box on the right.

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